CherryOS – My Official Statement

Feb 09 2012

The following is my statement about the events that took place in early 2005. Much to my frustration I was legally prohibited from writing about these events until recently.  My former business partner and I had a legally binding agreement prohibiting public statements. The agreement is no longer valid and I’m excited to finally set the record straight.

Here is the official story

In early 2005,
What started out as a personal project lead to an expedited release of a product called CherryOS. In the haste of the launch I recruited help from an offshore company to meet tight deadlines. It was discovered after the release to have GPL code within it. The opensource community had a field day scrutinizing the issues and oversights with CherryOS.

It led to a lot of assumptions and unanswered questions, and it didn’t matter how many assumptions or questions were clarified.

In this age of Internet equality, one solitary post from an opinionated blogger can be retweeted endlessly, blurring the line between fact from fiction.

I was unable to defend myself in the media then – and the open source community decided to judge me guilty without trial.

If I was guilty of anything it was of lack of critical oversight in selecting partners.

I learned two important lessons from this experience:

  1. Never hire an Outsourcing company you have not worked with before to handle a core task in one of your software projects
  2. Never enter a business partnership with a person that has no level of technical knowledge. It will lead to miscommunication, misrepresentation and eventually a falling-out.

Now I can answer for myself publicly. If you have any questions on the integrity of my engineering methods, feel free to call or email me. I would love to address all concerns personally in a professional manner, just as I have done for the past 7 years.

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Aug 15 2010

You creped into my mind without an invitation – where was I, to not pay attention.


The true self lost in the sea of silence – covered by a lid of fear.

Inspiration lost in the awe of sarcastic peace – holding on to the last hope of sight.

My thoughts are put on hold – repeating only sequences of despair.

Emptiness similar to air in my stomach – painful throat searching for a voice


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Some Oldschool Pics – Good Times!

Jun 12 2009

I just found 2 images of Martin and me, taken in Malorca – Spain.


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